Honda odyssey clunking noise when going over bumps

2004 Honda Cr-v, problem started around 21,500 miles. The Ridgeline uses a unique coil-over-shock design that apparently increases payload and better controls suspension movement. A grocery trip in the morning, then going to work in the evening, that's an easy 140-150 miles for the day. I've had a fairly loud clunking sound coming from the front end when going over bumps and rough road conditions. I cant figure out what it is. This also has zerks fitting for maintenance. I was backing my 2001 Honda Odyssey out of the driveway when I heard a loud clunk from the  7 Apr 2018 Look for loose parts or retainers in the inside fender covers, I heard a flapping noise in a car I rented only when going over 55, the front of the . How does the Capercaillie bird Comunicate? This causes a clunking noise when going over bumps. The clunk noise happens as soon as I have turned the wheel to make the truck begin its turn to the left. The noise I would hear is a thumping while driving over uneven surfaces, . I put the rear end up on jack stands and put it in drive and had my buddy take it up to 40 mph and used a mechanic's stethoscope to identify where the noise was coming from. and China websites that 2005-2009 Honda Odyssey, as well as the 2010 6). I have Honda Accord 2008. It sounds like something in the wheel is loose and shaking around a lot when I go over even small bumps. Find Minivan in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Oshawa / Durham Region. but you can use a hammer to install it if you have good eye-hand coordination. It's most noticeable when driving on the freeway and hitting a hole (easy to do in hawaii). at least a lot of it anyway? The fenders and front fascia are held on basically by a kind of clips. the vehicle was taken to the dealer but they were unable to find a problem. I have a 2016 Honda Pilot that makes a soft, thumping sound. It's worth it, however, for the great Clunking/knocking noise coming front right wheel whenever hitting bumps. I just talked to a buddy at work. Dealer shop foreman at hendrick honda of Pompano beach. honda refused to cover the replacement of the right shock absorber, which is an issue due to the uneven wear. The noise does not happen as soon as I put it in gear, as a bad u-joint would either. . It seems to happen when the body of the car shifts rather than when a sudden shock is received, since it does not make the noise at higher speeds. Does not happen when going straight back and does not happen at all when going forward. I've got a 2000 Accord. 108,000 miles. In addition my rear suspensions has developed a groaning/ creaking sound, especially when going around a corner. The noise is constant and occurs at variable speeds. Then the tie rod end failure. If we are on a gravel road, the nose is horrible. To me, with my limited ability, it sounds like a loose nut on a shock tower or some other connection point. The clunk is back and happens under acceleration and braking, hot and cold. Having owned 7 honda products in the last 16 yrs, this will be my last. Whether your car has clunks, creeks, crunching, clicking or whining, we'll walk you through each one of these noises and tell you what they mean for your vehicle and what you need to do to take care of the problem. A Minivan with Major Feature s On June 17, Honda introduced the reinvented, re-energized and evolved 2011 Honda Odyssey. It is controlled by a round pulley called a tensioner that keeps the line taught as it I'm getting a "loose" feeling with the right-front wheel toolike how the bad balljoints felt on my Explorer. posted by 2006 Honda Odyssey - Clunk Noise. Does it make the noise when going over bumps because that's a sign of bad Sway Bar End Links. ** answer required***. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. S-SeriesForum. I will have to do some testing and see if that is it. This company is not yet accredited. He has a Lexus and he heard the same sort of clunking over little bumps. I replaced the tires and it is still there. when i go over little bumps, the rear end of my tb clacks and it sounds like something is getting vibrated when i go over the bumps. Mine noise appears to be from the rear passenger side when going over uneven surfaces/potholes on smooth road it is fine. Read more Honda reviews to learn about other models. Van has been in the shop for over 4 months in repairs. If you have a crazy knocking noise from your front suspension on Odyssey going over small bumps, this is the least expensive component to replace. Replacing those two parts seems to have done the trick. Your mechanic can check the sway bar links The MDX, Pilot, and Odyssey at the time all shared a similar rear spring/damper package: a coil spring with bump stop in the center sat on one of the rear lateral arms, and a separate shock absorber attached to the knuckle. shocks my be going bad push up and down hard on top of the car over each front wheel and let go. We have had other issues with the front suspensions clunking over bumps and sound from the steering. Slightly different cosmetically from OEM but functionally the same. When I drive over bumps there is a clunk in the front and the rear of the car. Nothing at speed. Item 380 in the picture above Car Problem Noise When Turning. It occurs only on the right side, and when going over medium to large size bumps. I replaced the stabilizer links both sides and car is smooth over bumps. This is the only car i ever owned that you hear gasoline splashing around the tank,when turning left or right the rear suspension squeaks,the transmission bucks like crazy when accelerating and decelerating!clunking noise from the front end. Bike engine stops when slowing down Clunk In Rear Of Honda Ridgeline Pop or clunk from the rear in cold weather over bumps , a14 077 march 5, 2015 01149 01630 version 3 pop or clunk from the rear in cold weather over bumps supersedes 14 077, dated january 22, 2015, to revise the. This morning, same noise is happening. it's best to use an air hammer to remove it from the underside and a special ball joint c-clamp to install it. in the rec. I had all tie rod ends replaced on both sides. The noise sounds like it is coming from the passenger front. Est 2001 honda accord has rattle/clunk when going over bumps. In another circumstance, when your automobile is running at low speed the noise keeping coming out of car engine. I have a 2006 civic which recently is making a loud humming noise when driving at all speeds, but especially at speeds above 50mph. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. I thinking it might be a CV joint but am looking for help. Hi All, I am experciencing an ammoying noise on my 3dr 2006 vitara when driving over bumps on the road, very noticable when driving over speed bumps. Dealer replaced left shock absorber, covered by extended honda warranty. if it does shocks are bad. the tension bars are fine with the clip holding the bars. Strut Mount Noise Windstar Car Forums . I tried a second set of struts which resulted in the same issue. So what’s about car makes noise when accelerating at low speed on the road? The rattling noise appears when you start speeding up from 0 to maybe 30 or 40 mph and then disappear after car speed surpasses 40 mph. To see how frequently Honda Odyssey problems occur, check out our car reliability stats . I got tired of the dam popping and clunking noisee so me and my brother decided to fix it ourself instead of bringing it to hondawe took a look and we found a bolt that was loose as hell on both sides we tightin them and no more noiseee. Let’s check out the reasons for a steering wheel makes noise when turning: At low speeds Power steering system or the suspension is the reason for creating noise at low-speed turning. The sound does not come when I park my car on even flat surface. What are possible - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda Discuss '99 CR-V Front End Clunking Noise. Tacoma steering rack adjustment Honda Odyssey Knocking Noise From Front End, Stabilizer Link Issues - 42 reports. There are several symptoms that could lead to noise or a "clicking sound" in your car. com This noise is driving us bonkers. Since my steering still feels real tight with no tracking problems, I believe that this noise is being produced by our plastic front-end clip being secured by those worthless plastic "snap clips", which allows - Going over bumps, particularly potholes and driveways WHILE the wheel is turned left - Going over bumps while going straight, when only my right wheel encounters the bump (like a pothole) I just had the right axle replaced with a new Duralast Gold CV axle, but that has not seemed to solve the issue. 19 and $658. right after that some noise came, specialy over small bumps. Since day 1, have had issues with a noticeable clunking noise while going over bumps. Used to be clunking alot when turning and going over bumps. I have just got a 03ody and the right front strut was bad. Still under warranty. Dealer lubed the sunroof,lubed the door seals and foam/felt up inside of the B-pillar trim to no avail. The wheel seems "sloppy" when going over bumps, and you can hear it sometimes, too. Find the Cause of Your Car Noises at The New Babylon Honda I keep hearing this clunking sound coming from my front end when going over bumps any help what to look for would be appreciated its a 2005 with 15k Read 2017 Honda Odyssey Owner Reviews, Expert Reviews, Prices, Specs and Photos. Turns out that the sway bar link was bad. We have spent over $1500 dollars and still have the same noises. This crucial part of the car buying process gives you a chance to see if the car is a good fit and to root out any potential problems. Replaced struts -- problem still there. Welcome to Audi R8 Forum : Audi R8 forums - a website dedicated to all things Audi R8. Every once in a while when putting the car in reverse there is a clunking noise … read more Honda Pilot Knocking Noise From Front End, Stabilizer Link Issues - 81 reports. Also, seems to occur when going over rough pavement or anything where there is a dip in the road? Any ideas? There was a TSB out APR/09 for front upper strut mount bearings. When I shift from parking to reverse I hear a loud clunking sound. Far from a finely tuned mechanical musical instrument, if you hear these types of noises under your hood when your car is shifting gears, you need a certified, experienced technician to inspect your transmission. Free information about the most common 2002 Honda ACCORD problems and complaints, and up-to-date recall information. What I hear is like a plunking sound inside the cabin that sounds like it is coming from underneath me but it could be on the front or back brakes for all I know. It's only over small bumps (I mean SMALL, like little dips), and I can&#39;t really re-produce it on a jack. It will usually do it when it goes over uneven pavement (i. My 01 Nissan Sentra makes a creak noise when going over bumps? Any clue to this…. vehicle evaluated by honda dealer HONDA ODYSSEY 2010: At 7000 Miles, the transmission made a very loud grinding and rattling noise, shaking the vehicle, when shifting from r to Hi there, I'm new to the Cascada Club, love my 2016 Cascada and enjoy driving it in and about Sparks, NV but am experiencing clunking in right rear when turning and going over bumps. Honda pilot 2011 (<70k miles). Push the front of your car down at each point, see if it springs back up and stays up. Took it to the dealer yesterday, and service took it out for a 20 mile ride to test conditions under which it would squeak. Time for an inspection at a tire and alignment shop. * dent or bend wheel rim or knock wheel weight off. 5 million vehicles over transmission problem It could also cause abnormal noise. Some engine belts only squeak after you go through a large puddle or Going over the same sized bumps on the left side of the car does  16 Dec 2018 Are strange car noises ruining your morning commute? Find out the Suspension: Do you hear a loud clunk when you go over speed bumps? My car is making a thud sound when going over bumps? . Our test car came fitted with the All the while, the knocking thuds from the top of the car did fallen on top of their car or something was trying to get in. Check for play in the links, those are the first items to go. Clunking noise in rear Suspension help - rattling/knocking sounds when going over bumps. the roads around here are all lousy, so i get it all the time. just had an alignment and were told there were "no" problems. I had a similar noise in a 2012 Ridgeline, which had to have the rear struts replaced at a low mileage. The fuel economy calculations assume annual mileage of 15,000 miles, 45% of which is highway miles and 55% city miles and I have a 99 CR-V that makes a rattle noise when it goes over a bump. I hear a sound inside the car going over certain bumps at slow & city speedsusually small bumps. It makes a really loud clunking noise, and it almost sounds like it is coming from the motor. I am due service once I hit 15,000 miles and I am going to bring it into the dealer soon. In particular it sounds like you could be describing lower control arm bushings. I have disconect the sway bar and drove like that and the noise still there. Clunking/Clicking noise after releasing brake pedal I have exactly the same problem on my brand new (less than 2 weeks old) 2018 Honda Accord LX. At first I thought sway bar bushing, but jacked the front end up last night and couldn't find anything loose. Really could do with some help on this guys as not for Honda to charge me a fortune. I checked the TSB n it advises to change the damper collars n self locking nuts. Too early to tell if our '15 RDX is going to be reliable long term, we'll see. , MD (2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite 3. 2004 Honda odyssey makes clunk noise when you take foot off gas? check engine mounts . For the record, if it helps, i drive a '95 Chevy Beretta Z26. Insurance paid to do all the repairs and everything was fine. Clunk did not occur while going over speed bumps or while in park and pushing up and Within the last year, our Odyssey has developed a strange clunk, or thud, which may happen when we brake, or turn the steering wheel, or take off when stopped, from a stationary position, or when we hit bumps in the road. Today, at around 27k miles the noise has evolved into a rattle which is heard while going over small bumps or around a sweeping right hand turn. Mine has about 2000 miles and I noticed a clunking on the right side rear the last couple of days. Seems to be getting louder, more frequent now. End link that are loose/worn make an awful racket. What do yall think? Ok this might be a stupid question, but there's this really annoying sound from the rear end of my Civic X. Odyssey 2001 Alarm going off; 2000 odyssey growl after putting in drive ?? maint. knocking noise as the axles hit the wheel hubmy 07 odyssey doesnt do this and I  26 Sep 2010 I have 06 odyssey with clunking noise in front end. - Ulster Park, NY, USA Honda Buyers Guide -- 2020 Honda crash tests, 2020 Honda service bulletins, 2020 Honda recalls. Also sometimes a visual inspection of oil leaking out of the shock works. This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. So I own a 03 chevy cavalier with the 2. i have read in the forums that others are having the same issue. I also have a noise problem in my 2018 Pilot EX when I go over bumps on city streets and railroad tracks. 1 Oct 2016 They're mounted on car suspension and steering joints to absorb road bumps, control the amount of movement in the joints and reduce noise  Front Suspension Coil Spring problem of the 2010 Honda Odyssey 1 I heard a loud metallic sound when going over a bump or rough road conditions. Average repair cost is $600 at 113,500 miles. leave me good feed back notice how the bolt scapes up and downn that is causing What you should know when buying a used Nissan Rogue 2008-2013: Pros and cons, owners reviews, common problems to watch out for, fuel economy, reliabiliy, maintenance costs and more Also when I put the suspension mode on stiff the clunking noise is less noticiable. I have a 2004 pilot. Do well to use this guide, organized by type of shaking, to figure out what causes the shaking. Featured texts All Texts latest This Just In Full text of "NEW" The first sign of a worn-out sway bar link is a knocking noise from the suspension when driving slow over road bumps. com > General Non S-Series Stuff > Off Topic: ford tranny probs??? :inshock: I had a clunking sound louder from driver side and much less from the passengers side. Loose U-joints along the drive shaft, failed bearings and worn CV joints can also produce similar rattling sounds. Clunk noise with sharp turn at slow speed I am the original owner of a stock 2004 Jetta TDI 5spd. autos. It is a little disconcerting. Q: When i drive over pot holes, uneven pavement i hear a loud clunking noise. at lower speeds or stopping when on a rough service or going over a bump. 2002 chevrolet avalanche experiencing a loud knocking noise as well as the front end shimmies when going over bumps in the road. Because the problem 1st appeared when braking, everyone focuses on My 06 has 85K miles loaded up on it and about three months ago I started hearing the infamous clunking in the left front end when going over bumps. Please, please really need some help. Shortly after buying my car brand new I heard a clunk noise come from the driver's side front wheel area. One of the final steps in buying a used car is taking it for a test drive. motor mounts dont cause rattling over bumps. The clicking noise may be more prominent while turning, and may increase in volume over time, eventually developing into a squealing or grinding noise. 1. One common trigger for major auto repairs is transmission problems. Also my windshield is starting to whistle. Think parking lot speed bumps, off camber corners, etc. Average failure mileage is 2,400 miles. Regardless some new bushings are going on there as well. A14-067 November 1, 2014 ATB 00284 (1410) Clunk/Rattle From Front Suspension or Under Dash When Driving Over Bumps or Turning AFFECTED VEHICLES Year Model Trim The 2017 Honda CR-V has 4 problems reported for clunking noise. There are many issues reported on line and this is a common problem with these vehicles. Quite honestly, I don't think the bearings were the issue. the only problem they found was that the vehicle needed an alignment and new tires. Happens when top up and down so replacement of bracket on folding top compartment didn't help. Honda recalls 1. I've owned about 7 or 8 over the last 10 years. my sedan had a nice "clunk" when going over speed bumps, my hatch not so Has anyone encountered a "knocking" noise in their 06 Odyssey? Started about 4 weeks ago (45K) when I break or turn there is a "knocking" noise (not all the time but enough to notice), took it to repair shop and they said it is not the brakes and they put it up on the rack and tightened all the bolts. My wife and I both own 2003 Honda Pilot's. I have read several posts about this "clunking" in the front but no mention of anything coming from the back. I've checked everything I can see and everything is tight. To learn more, see reviews below or submit It was about 2 years ago that I replaced it. R. clunking sound when going over bumps im getting a clunking sound coming from the front of my car, kinda like the one from the rear that the 4G's r known for. If your vehicle clunks while driving over bumps or pot holes something is definitely out of order. The rubber part can make a creaking noise when it slides slowly on a metal part and has weight on it, but they are often quiet when they slide quickly as in over bigger bumps at higher speeds. I just had the front end looked at and they replaced several steering parts (tie rod ends and tie rod ball joints) to tighen up the steering. since 1995. I also tightened up the old ebrake and stopped it from rattling on the exhaust. Clunking, buzzing, growling, grinding, or humming sounds and vibrations coming from your transmission are not good signs. It is also A creaking noise is commonly heard with this issue. time/money is no object, i WILL figure it out! i have an 06 gmc ecsb lbz So I have developed a slight "clunk" noise in the front end when going over bumps, slow speed. Our dealer wants us to replace the new struts new KYG again with the Honda stuts. HONDA ODYSSEY 2002: Clunking/thudding Noise From Passenger Front of vehicle while traveling over small bumps in road or rough patches of highway. The do in fronts, at least. My '98 SH began to experience a rear clunking noise somewhere behind the rear seats. Research the yearly spend on gasoline for every Honda in our database. Shouldn't cost to much for them just to check them. ride is smoootthh as helll. It is most noticeable at low speed going over uneven surface when the left wheel traveled up and down. The causes vary, but knowing why the shaking is happening is half the battle. Our certified mobile technicians come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Turned out the big nut at the top of the strut was loose (like a 1/2 turn). There is a new part for those mounts: 41810-78K00 should be replace under warranty. light; 2002 Odyssey Key Fob Progamming; which year odysseys are ok? FORUM RULES AND GUIDELINES - MUST READ!!! Blinking "key" dashboard indicator? Honda Odyssey and honda pilot ???? my 96 odyssey makes a clunking noise in the front end. Sounds like the front end is falling out. Clunking noise from frontend when going over bumps. after 4 repair attempts at a Honda dealership that led to tightening of 'loose'(as per the mechanic and paperwork) nuts and bolts, adjustments of the rack, replacement of both front struts as well as replacement of the front steering rack, the noise continued. I bought my 2007 Honda Odyssey towards the end of October 2006. Verified Can also occur over bumps or when starting off from a stop. I'm guessing it's something with the axle. Get someone to be accountable! I see this all the time. HOME / Auto News / News / How to diagnose your car's pesky squeaks and rattles If your car is making an odd noise, follow these tips to save time and money, and to find the source of the problem When I turn my wheel slowly back and forth I get a clunk clunk noise, but it's not regular, it won't always do it in the same spot, and sometimes when I'm taking off from a dead stop without turning the wheel it will go do the clunking sound serval times irregularly. Another situation where they won't be able to replicate the noise/feeling and will pass it off as nothing. It is a clunking noise reverberating through the cabin. the dips going into a parking lot). Honda refused to cover the replacement of the right shock absorber, which is an issue due to the uneven wear. If it's not addressed early on, it could lead to costly damages. Fortunately it occurred while I was parking the car near a curb. Front suspension is making a clanking creaking noise over bumps It's the proverbial 20 miles of bad road. All that and alignment will do is point the tires in the right direction, you see, over time you car goes through some hard hits like potholes, curbs, speed bumps, and just every day poor road conditions. It makes it driving, in idle and without the heat or air conditioner on. A similar noise coming from the back of a rear-drive vehicle can be an indication Steering wheel noise could be coming from a lot of different places. I asked something very similar a little while ago and got no responses for whatever reason. Remove the spare tire and tool kit, notorious for causing that sound you describe. I can feel the move in the steering wheel too. Question, 2006 Honda Element, Rear passenger noise when driving in Am out of driveway, flapping noise like something hitting wheel. I have a similar clunking noise from the rear passenger side. We replaced the struts, sway bar, and bushings. I also have a swirling noise coming from the rear. Had clunking sound from front driver's side when going over bumps. The noise goes away when I start pressing on the brakes. Been to the Honda dealer twice, our local mechanic once. Turn off the radio and listen when going below 30mph (less competing road noise) over paved bumps especially sudden depressions like sunken manhole covers which do not clank on their own, or most any kind of bump that go down before going up since the thunk comes from a suspension extension rather than compression - and report your findings here. i took it to a dealer and another mechanic and they could not tell me where the noise is coming from. Hi there, I'm new to the Cascada Club, love my 2016 Cascada and enjoy driving it in and about Sparks, NV but am experiencing clunking in right rear when turning and going over bumps. I thought I had got lucky on that problem. He said try slightly tapping on the brake over where you would normally hear the clunking noise, this will help poi point if it was the brakes. Not engine mounts because i replaced upper ones plus it is coming from driver side ((where there is no mounts except transmission mount which is ok. _____ My 2012 CT has developed some sort of clunking sound coming from the front end. Most vehicle owners think that when their car shakes or vibrates, it means they need and alignment, this is not true. The symptoms i had were that the front brakes emitted a loud "chatter" or "rattle" kind of noise when driving over bumps. Honda suggested that this was normal and there is nothing they could do to remedy this problem. Subject: Grinding noise, but good brake pads Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:23 pm Last couple of days my left front brake has started making scraping/grinding noises, and after work today I found time to pull the wheel off for an inspection. I have a 2014 Honda CRV that is making a squeaking noise every so often after the car is warmed up. Unfortunately the work order they signed did not specify exactly what the problem was, just “noise when going over bumps, replace struts”. I had a clunking noise from my wife's 2004 Sienna (155K miles). Hello, I have a 2004 XC70 with 77K Miles and it is making a clunking or lounding clinking noise noise when i engage either reverse or drive (reverse being louder ususally). Remove the rear trailing arm. rear suspension was replaced already twice on this vehicle. the clunking noise that i experienced in the past sounded similar to It sounds softer going over bumps going straight. Knocking noise from engine . Struts and Shocks: If you have noticed a noise coupled with a bouncy and loose feel when going over bumps in Deer Park, then chances are the problem is with your shocks and struts. Any thoughts on what is going on? Hmmm, been noticing a clunking in the right rear of my 02 recently. I replaced the bearings as well as the rubber strut mounts. Rattling, Clunking Noise in Front End: This Noise Is 2carpros. had clunking sound from front driver's side when going over bumps. That is why we are committed to providing excellent customer service and unbeatable discount prices on all oem accessories, Such a fun and versatile vehicle like the Honda Element deserves the best accessories on the market, and Honda part World has exactly what you need to make the most out of your Element. When I go over bumps my rear makes a click /clunk noise. No matter how many terms I used, I still got this message. This film would obstruct the consumer vision almost completely blinding the consumer at night or during sunlight. Car problem(s) with the 2002 HONDA ODYSSEY. Mine had a mild clunk going slowly over speed bumps. 2002 Odyssey. A grunt or a squeak On bumps and turns, grunting or squeaking means your front steering mechanism could be wearing out. It's been over a week now and no noise. Mine does it mostly on right turns and sounds like coming from right rear side. Hello everyone. I have a rattle coming from the front-right wheel area. Suspension Problem on the 2002 HONDA ODYSSEY. If it doesn't then have someone at a shop put it on a lift and check the U-Joints. Bad front lower control arm bushings (aka compliance bushings) could also cause clunking noise from the front end when driving over bumps ($350-$450 for both sides). to the left especially if there is a speed bump or some unlevel surface area. I could have sworn it was something in the front end and was worried my LBJ or tie road was going to break off. Honda ridgeline clunking or knocking noise from wheels , honda ridgeline clunking or knocking noise from Front End Noise, 2003 Honda Element Stabilizer Links - EricTheCarGuy I get requests for tips on front end noise all the time and many times I suggest checking the stabilizer links particularly if you have a rattle when going over bumps. Refer to the suspension section of the appropriate service manual, or go online and enter keywords Rear Suspension, then select Suspension Arm Replacement from the list. For example, one of situations that would cause a transmission to go into limp mode is if the cable harness going to the transmission is damaged or detached. The Honda CR-V (Compact Recreational Vehicle), as a compact crossover SUV, has been produced by the renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda Motor Co. you'd hear it over bumps though. If you're lucky, NONE of the following: * bust tire bead off the rim or hole in sidewall (it would've immediately went flat). It did not help. The noise would go away when pushing the brake pedal enough to engage the disc brakes, even when riding over bumps. I replace both side with a KYB gas struts. Some popping noises can be created when driving down a bumpy road or at a particular speed, either when the car is moving, or standing still, depending on the component that is generating the noise. The noise, coming from left center/rear, happens randomly around 25mph to 35mph when the left side of the wheels (either front or back, i can't tell)going over small bumps. But this did not change the rattle. I've had a 2006 GTO now for about 6 months, and the car is making an odd clunking noise in the front end. SOURCE: clunking going over bumps. Does anyone have any thoughts on which suspension pieces might be loose? I didn't even bother checking the bearings cause the whole rear is going to come out. A14-016 September 28, 2016 04967 Version 3 Pop or Clunk from Front End When Driving over Bumps in Cold Weather Supersedes 14-016, dated October 8, 2014; to Honda Odyssey Knocking Noise From Front End, Stabilizer Link Issues - 42 reports. Posted on Apr 08, 2010 Honda Odyssey Suspension Problems See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. It has gotten alot worse in the last 24 hours because i have been doing more driving than usual. 43 on average. Honda Odyssey Suspension Problems See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. My back suspension also bottoms out on bumps in the road usually the same bumps on my daily commute but it only does it maybe 2 spots in a 20 mile trip. 3 Answers. 2019 Honda crash tests, 2019 Honda service bulletins, 2019 Honda recalls. Search the history of over 380 billion web pages on the Internet. It is noticeable at speeds under 30 mph when going over smaller road bumps. If the rattle is heard after hitting bumps in the road, it could be caused by a bad ball joint or another problem with the suspension system. Get an instant estimate for your car and book a certified mechanic to perform the service at your office, or wherever your fleet may go. Last 3 years is her working and driving at least 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. But they are fairly inexpensive even at the dealer so I am glad I replaced them. Clunking sound from front of vehicle when going over a bump or  8 Jun 2011 I have a 2006 Odyssey Touring with 96K miles on it. I don't feel it in the steering, just hear it. I Picked up a 2006 Element EX with 90k on it in April 2011. I changed the sway bar mounts & end links (which were in terrible shape) and I was able to tighten the upper shock mount bolt over 3/4 a turn Since I did this all in one sitting, I don't know which it was but it worked. I brought it into the dealer and they said they could not find any problems. Update on the squeak in the front end going over speed bumps. We live at least 35 miles from anything, thus every time it is out on the road, it is at least 70 miles going on the clock. It's a loud rattling noise (I can even hear it over the music I play) that's sound more like a can or a metal piece that is making contact with something and no I have no idea where specifically it's from. It did as I noticed, going over speed bumps or, for that matter, over any road bump slowly. It isn't related to going over bumps. A popping noise it created when a component has failed or is failing, there is no "normal" popping noise. Now everything is quiet. The other option is to change the springs. com The Honda Odyssey may  Clunking noise over bumps sounds like bad shocks, especially since don't hear the typical bad CV joint click click while driving through turns. Honda Accord: Why is My Suspension Clunking? A clunking suspension system indicates a variety of mechanical problems in your Honda Accord. the front motor mount doesnt look right i dunno if its that or part of the suspension. I have none of the whine or vibration symptoms of a bad u-joint. Follow Driving slowly (20mph) over slightly rough pavement. Further rattling can also come from the wheels when brake calipers are loose. After a quick and fairly cheap replacement, the noise is gone. If you are researching a used Honda ACCORD, driving a 2002 Honda ACCORD, or if you are planning to purchase one, review reported Steering problems and defects. We replaced stabilizer links, but no improvement. hello read about your problem with the front suspencion and I was wondering if you find out about the noise. Just a heads-up. 26 Jan 2019 The four noises that car owners complain about most often: CV joint Eddie spent 35 years in the automotive business with Honda. The motor just turns and turns, but it still just keeps clunking away. honda forum at Car Dealer Forums; 1999 CR-V, 93k, has a clunking-like noise from front end when going over bumps, etc. It sounds and feels like a bad strut or shock (hard to tell if it is coming from the front or back). I read through the forums and came up with the compliance bushings as being my possible problem. Diagnosing and Replacing Chassis & Ride Control Parts See more from Brake & Front End On vehicles with SLA suspensions, there are four ball joints that, if loose, can cause noises such as clunks, squeaks, or groans when passing over bumps or dips in the road. The alignment seems okay, though it does pull sometimes after going over a bump. 2002 odyssey exl - clunking sound at driver side front going over bumps around the wheel area. I usually aim for pot holes/speed bumps to really excercise the suspension after replacing things. Rear suspension was replaced already twice on this vehicle. Ever since owning the vehicle, there appears to be a subtle clunking sound in the left/front center of the vehicle when going over bumps/potholesI can't tell if it's coming from the steering shaft or front end. Then I got a clunking noise while steering the car, along with some shimmying at speed, unless I turned the steering wheel slightly left or right. I have narrowed the clunking down to the rear end components like the inner differential stubs, cv joints and the ring and pinion gears. My Honda dealer replaced the Serpentine Belt and the pulley. Over time the clearances increase through out the drive train which allow for movement when going over bumps and/or putting the transmission in gear. It started with kind of a rattle going over bumps. I read in the forum that this could be caused by wheel bearings, but my wheels are not loose at all. If you get a loud thump from one side going over large potholes or speed bumps, and the car seems to roll excessively while you're turning the other direction, you may have a blown shock. Check to make sure your license plate is not making the noise especially if you only have two screws holding it in place. There was also a clunking noise when the brakes were applied while going over bumps. com. Have to bring it back to mechanic. My opinion anyway???? They have junk SHOWA rear struts for starters and they allow the rear suspension to get right out of control over bumps, SPEED bumps, traffic calming bumps and rough road/s, especially when vehicle is unladed, expect noise to be increased as well The cure is to dump the cheap *** rear struts and fit improved items, problem goneski There is a very loud clunking noise coming from the front suspension of my '99 9-3 se. If the car makes noise when turning at low speeds, look into the power steering system or the suspension. The most common cause for clunking noises over bumps is the mounts or Mountings and bushings can appear to be tight, but move slightly when driving. But then a couple days after I got the new battery installed it started turning over really hard. When we hit a rough place in the road, the front end rattles or clunks. I only hear it when going over bumps that hit the rear tire or even exiting a driveway. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process. I've replace end links alone on a car when the rubber gave out and there was play/noise. As of lately my car started to make thumping/knocking sounds whilst driving over speed bumps (at regular speed) I drive a 2001 renault laguna 1. On a new car, the rubber should be good. It took me 5 hours … Continue reading I hear a clunk whenever I go over small bumps but only from the front right wheel. The roads here in Montreal are very bad. I've had almost every component of the rear suspension replaced and it's not going away. These three are the normal sources of that clunking noise over bumps at low speed. Page 2- ford tranny probs??? :inshock: Off Topic. Our front end clunks both on the open road or when you hit a bump. Recently, another creaking noise developed so I figured it was time to look into it. I get the clunking noise you guys are talking about when my car is just about all the way stopped and it goes to a full stop. When going over a larger pot hole or grid for example the suspension seems to make the normal ‘thud’ noise. In this case, the computer would sense that it lost communication with the transmission, but since the harness is detached, the command to go into limp mode cannot make it to the transmission. e. 08 Honda S2000 CR Apex Pearl Common Issues When Transmission Makes Clunking Noise. Our van barely has 6500 miles. The upper Control arms start to loosen when my car hit 120k+, they make clunking noise when you back up while turning, and my car feels loose when you go over bumps. Why Does My Car Suspension Make That Noise When I Am Going Over Bumps. at less than about 30mph I am getting a creaking noise when going over bumps and when turning the vehicle. I have contacted the Honda customer service department and was told they have no information on this problem, that it maybe generic. I think the siezed brake was messing wiht the g80 and causing some of the clunking that I was hearing. Check out the video to see how to perform this repair on a 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey. when you hit something in front of you (cars/bodies) or going over bumps/speed bumps or in them (pot holes) Currently I'm trying to find what is causing my clicking noise on drivers side when going straight, at slow speeds, over small road imperfections. Both vehicles have a thumping noise that seem to come from the right rear wheel area when driving over small or larger bumps. Clunking or popping sound in the rear somewhere when going over bumps. Dezso3 Member. 8 16v with about 218,000km (about 135500 miles) on the clock. It was only noticeable at slow speeds over rough terrain. Not a series of the noise, just one clunk, and then that's it. In rare cases, if the grease inside the sway bar link joints dries up, it may also make a creaking noise when the suspension is moving up and down. Nothing has been fixed yet. Threads Tagged with suspension. Note: Honda online service manual information is available only for vehicles 1990 and newer. 2 ecotec, 195k miles, and for about a month now when I shift from park to drive (automatic transmission) I can her a bunch of clunking sounds, sounding like gears locking in place or something, same thing happens when I'm at a dead stop, and accelerate, if I hardcore baby it, like, not going over 2k rpms, it doesn't do it, just when I put more gas behind I was having a jarring metal on metal clanging clunking when turning + going over bumps (basically suspension articulation) on the road. Honda said on its U. I'm a newb when it comes to Elements, but not to Honda's. Even had the mechanic ride in the trunk trying to find the problem. My brand new Azera has a suspension noise on the passenger side. the noise is a squeaky noise but louder/harder if you know what I mean. makers. It doesn't happen while driving on flat road, i can only hear it when driving over speed bumps. Common problems: Leaking front struts could cause knocking or clunking noise in the front ($350-$600 to replace both front struts). after 4 Repair Attempts At A honda Dealership That Led To Tightening Of ‘loose'(as Per The Mechanic And Paperwork) Nuts And Bolts, Adjustments Of The Rack, Replacement Of Both Front Struts As Well As Replacement Of The Front Steering Rack,the Noise Continued. Lately for the past couple of weeks I've been hearing a clunking noise from the driver's rear suspension when I go over bumps. Could my manual transmission cause this noise. The snakelike timing belt on the side of the engine is essential for maintaining your car's performance. 5-L V6) “Clunking After about two weeks, I start to hear boink (not sure if right spelling) and clunking noise while going at low speed. If it bounces up and down a bit before stopping they are bad. Hi all, I have an '05 Sienna CE with 52k miles, purchased used at 40k miles from a Toyota dealership. This was the way I did mine, please use the below information as reference only and be safe. I recently started hearing and feeling a hard knocking/clunking noise at the front-center of the car during the correct after a left turn. All Clunking Noise Problems Of Honda Accord. The Honda Odyssey is a minvan that was first introduced in 1994. dealer replaced left shock absorber, covered by extended honda warranty. P B. Went to mechanic this weekend, diagnosed bad rear caliper, so changed it and replaced pads in rear as well. The struts appear to be ok, and there is no noticeable bounce going over bumps. Also happens on rough even roads. No one loves it when their car is shaking, it can be very frustrating. Transmission Front end noise Suspension Rattling Brand new 2011 accord v-6 coupe has so many isues. What's going on with your Honda? Struts and Shocks: If you have noticed a noise coupled with a bouncy and loose feel when going over bumps in Stratham, then chances are the problem is with  13 Feb 2019 Hands on a steering wheel driving car down the road If you start to hear clunking, popping, creaking, squealing, groaning, Struts and Shocks: If you have noticed a noise coupled with a bouncy and loose feel when going over bumps in Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, Fit, HR-V, Insight, Odyssey, Passport, Pilot  31 Aug 2016 14 months later, our 2015 Honda Odyssey EX has spent three block and over speed bumps so we could make sure he heard the noise, and that . Second question is: Checked radiator coolant today and in between the MIN and MAX and I had filled it about a month and a half ago…does coolant burn off or did it lower because it’s leaking somewhere? Thanks 1998 Honda CR-V why front end make a clunking noise wend driving over bump? I'm currently dealing with this same issue on my 97 CRV. The front end of my 2007 Ridgeline, just passed 70,000 miles, is starting to get a vibration when going over bumps. It did this once before under warranty and the dealer said they torqued some suspension nuts. A customer spends $1200 to solve a noise issue and the noise that was bugging them is STILL making noise. They replaced strut and second time moved the engine mount over. I found the spring was slightly broke at the end and not sitting in the cup correctly, new spring, seated right, and it's still clunking. Clunking noise in rear of truck over bumps Infact I kept getting a "must use 3 or more terms" message. It does not sound like grinding. Took it back to the fixers and they just said to go to a place that can do a wheel alignment. Turns out it was a loose rear upper control arm mounting bolt to the frame! Front end clunking sound/bind feel while turning and going over bumps The top shock bolt, front or rear? Either way, no it would not be normal for that to be loose. It appears to come from the rear of the vehicle but occurs often, and randomly. First thing i noticed when i test drove it was a loud clunking from the rear when going over bumps or cracks, and the rear diff chattering when turning tight or backing and turning. View our consumer ratings and reviews of the 2017 Sienna, and see what other people are saying about A bad constant velocity joint may exhibit symptoms such as a clicking noise, vehicle vibrations under acceleration, or clunking while the vehicle changes gears. Clunking. After coming to a complete stop and after releasing the brakes there is slightly delayed clicking/clunking sound that seems to be coming from the driver side of the engine compartment just beyond the How to Tell if a Timing Belt Tensioner Is Bad. A Control Arm Assembly Replacement costs between $181. it drives me friggin bananas! i'm going to spend all weekend on my truck doing some much needed maintainance, i'll post back with whatever fixes it. was good for about 2 weeks and now "knocking" sound is back. I shook everything and even banged around with a rubber mallet but don't feel anything shaking. I park my car on my driveway (slope). Chrysler 300C Front Suspension Clunking Back. Since Day 1, Have Had Issues With A Noticeable Clunking Noise While Going Over Bumps. S. The 2001 Honda Civic has 7 problems reported for clunking noises from front end. hopefully this helps you guyss. Sounds as if something is loose. search Search the Wayback Machine. the lower ball joint replacement is going to be a pain in the ass. The struts are brand new, just replaced them. The first Honda CR-V introduced in 1997 was meant to slot between the smaller HR-V and the larger Pilot, and that is why it was marked as a mid-range utility vehicle. Honda Odyssey Clunking noise when I drive over bumps Inspection at your home or office. I even brought it to an independent shop to check out rear suspension and exhaust and was told everything was tight and up At Honda Part World, we take as much pride in our Hondas as you do. These reason range from a bad cv joint to loose brake calipers. i have the EXACT same noise in mine, and it goes away with the slightest tap of the brakes, just like you said. When I am driving down the road and I can hear a soft rubbing noise that sounds like it is coming from the front of the car. These hardware kits contain the abutment shims, as well as sometimes the slider pin boots. As of late the clunking noise happens pretty much only when the tire is going to run over a dip or pothole in the road and something sounds really loose or clanging. Your transmission is necessary in order for your car to operate correctly, and if you start to hear it make a clunking noise, you have good reason to become concerned. stabalizer bar link noise is common also. (I traded it with less than 28,000 miles!) A knocking sound when going over bumps or turning corners This likely means your worn-out shocks are causing your coil springs to vibrate wildly against your vehicle’s chassis. I have a clunking sound when going over bumps or ruts in the road. More so if right front wheel hits a lower part of the road. I had a similar clunk when turning in one direction. I changed the lower control arms that were shot, sway bar bushings, sway bar end links, brake pads and struts without A light rapping noise might only be a sway bar end-link, whereas a heavy thump is more likely a control arm, control arm bushing or strut mount. they cause vibration or clunking noise when  Honda Accord (1990 - 2002) - Knocking noise in front end When driving slowly over bumps I hear a clunk, knock or what ever you want to call it from the . honda pilot 2011 (70k miles). Liberty. Changed struts and noise improved but didn't go away completely. See 103 Consumer Reviews, 81 Photos and Full Expert Review of the 2017 Honda Odyssey. Thought I would post an update, the car no longer has the noise. Potholes compete with ruts for the privilege of knocking your Freedom Fries out of the bag and onto the floor. keeping an eye on this one! _____ When your car develops a clunk or rattle when going over bumps in the road or starts to make an odd sound when driving, often the biggest issue is identifying which drive or suspension component is causing the noise so you can replace it. Make sure everythings ok. it happens more when both wheels are going over the bump but i think it is the right side ive taken the wheel off and looked round, when i did this i noticed a lot of play in the brake (it moved back and forth before it caught on the bolts for the rim) i also Honda - Accord :: Hard Knocking / Clunking Noise At Front Center After Left Turn - Subframe Rusted Out May 30, 2012. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I made sure I was assembling everything correctly and there was no issues with the OE springs, upper mount, spring seat and jounce bumper. )) tire is worn only on driver side only but worn evenly across (excessively) Noise usually happens when taken off in 1st gear or take off really fast and when going over bumps slowly. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Moog K750304 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit at Amazon. Hopefully Honda finds a solution before Was your problem resolved? I have booked in with Blade Honda as it is driving me nuts now. 5-L V6) “The rubber bumper at the base of one of the rear struts/shocks was missing causing noise and minor instability going over bumps in the road” I just bought a 98 accord EX, MT with 230k on it. It occurred primarily at slow speed over small bumps and rough roads, but I could also hear it when I drove over small sharp bumps in the road at higher speeds too. So I got a brand new battery. it should not bounce up and down more than once. I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX. The car started developing a clunking noise from the driver side. I still say it's the U-Joints if it's making a noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. Anywho, my car makes a clunk noise when i turn left. which I recently drove from Vancouver to Whistler and back again along a very rough & winding highway (road construction for the Olympics). He said it was his brake pads as they were floating, they can rattle. The wheel makes a noise like it is jiggling around sorry I don't know how to explain the noise better. sounds like a I believe that the "clunking" noise in the front end when hitting bumps is due to our suspension and the plastic front end body parts loosening up over time. but after going out of the dealership garage, i heard the knocking sound "again". I then noticed the noise while driving on local roads as slow as 25 mph. And I also get it if I let up off the brakes a little and it creeps forward, in addition to it doing it sometimes when accelerating from a stop. The vehicle will be going back to honda for the third time and i have had the wheels balanced, front end aligned, and i am now going in for a road force balance. Taken to dealer twice. Has anyone experienced this problem w/ their Preludes before? How should I go about fixing this problem? What, if any, parts should I replace? lee_dec_28 “The rubber bumper at the base of one of the rear struts/shocks was missing causing noise and minor instability going over bumps in the road” (2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L 3. Clunk noise in rear going over small bumps at low speeds Welcome to Kia Soul Owners Forums – General discussion forum for Kia Soul Welcome to Kia Soul Owners Forums - a website dedicated to all things Kia Soul. The design unveiling not only revealed an interesting new profile, but also high-end features that will leave customers thinking that this ride is major. Then it started up fine. Clunking noise over bumps sounds like bad shocks, especially since you changed the ball joints already. It's pretty reproducible by driving over a speed bump, sounds like two pieces of metal hitting each other coming from the front right of the vehicle. Hello. I'm going to do the first option since the collars doesn't cost that much. Also, from what i can tell, it comes from the passenger side of the car. Only when i turn left. I have a 2006 Scion tC, 109k miles. The last condition is least noticeable driving over speed bumps with only the passenger side. 2016 Honda Pilot - Rear Thumping Sound 17 Answers. , Ltd. Edmunds has a detailed expert review of the 2017 Toyota Sienna SE Premium 8-Passenger Minivan. The bumps stops are still firmly in place. honda odyssey clunking noise when going over bumps

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